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安全专员 - EHS Specialist (m/f)

Tradition and Innovation
Since 1919 the AKG Group is a specialist in the field of heat transfer. Our group of companies is financially sound, innovative and expanding. With about 2,500 employees at 12 locations in Europe, the Americas and Asia we develop and produce heat exchangers for a multitude of application areas and branches.
AKG Thermal Systems (Taicang) Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the German based AKG Group and has been successful in China since 2003. With a strong in-house engineering team, we offer cooling solutions to local and Global Key Accounts. We cover a worldwide field of construction equipment, high-speed trains, high-performance cars, home appliances, agriculture, etc.
The successful candidate for this position will report to the Operations Manager.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • 根据相关法律法规和技术要求编制公司安全生产规章制度、操作规程和应急救援预案Compile safety regulations, operation rules and emergency rescue plans according to relevant laws and technical requirements;
  • 组织环境影响评价、安全设施现状评价、职业病危害控制效果评价等相关工作,并落实工厂三同时 ;Organization and implementation of environmental impact assessment, safety facility status assessment, occupational disease hazard control effect assessment and other related work;
  • 识别、评估、报告工厂内潜在的“环境、健康与安全”风险,提出改善建议,组织实施改进方案;Identify, assess and report potential “environment, health and safety" risks in the plant, propose improvement suggestions, and organize the implementation of improvement plans;
  • 建立安全生产标准化体系,起草、制定相关制度,并宣导、贯彻和落实执行公司安全生产教育和培训计划;Establish production safety standardization system, draft and formulate relevant rules and implement the company's production safety education and training plan;
  • 进行日常和定期的安全检查及整改处理,对员工进行安全教育,制定和应急预案,组织应急事故演练;Carry out routine and regular safety inspection and rectification, formulate emergency plans and organize emergency drills;
  • 依法对公司各类废弃物进行分类、收集、处置、管理与监督;Classify, collect, dispose, manage and supervise all kinds of waste of the company according to law;
  • 组织各项环保工程的改造项目,以保证其符合国家标准;Organize renovation projects of various environmental protection projects to ensure that they meet national standards;
  • 负责工伤安全事故、职业伤害的处理,分析报告及制定预防再发生之对策,落实劳防用品配置、更新及使用监督;Responsible for the treatment of industrial accidents and occupational injuries, analysis of reports and the formulation of countermeasures to prevent recurrence, update and use supervision of labor prevention articles;
  • 负责消防体系的建立,消防设备设施管理,消防设施的日常检查与监督维护及组织消防灭火/逃生的演练;Responsible for the establishment of fire control system, the management of fire control equipment and facilities, the daily inspection, supervision and maintenance of fire control facilities, and the organization of firefighting /escape drills;
  • 特种作业和特种设备作业人员证书的维护管理;Maintain and manage the certificates of operators of special operations and special equipment;
  • 危化品的日常监督管理。Daily supervision and management of hazardous chemicals.

Job Qualifications

  • 大专及以上学历,安全、环境专业优先;College degree or above, major in safety and environment is preferred;
  • 3年以上工作经验,至少1年以上安全和环境方面的工作经验;At least 3 years working experience, at least 1 year working experience in safety and environment;
  • 熟练掌握办公软件;Good command of office software;
  • 有良好的英语基础。Good command of English.

Starting date:

  • as soon as available